This Is Not A Mistake


I was playing in a punk band called The Dependants when Patrick Ferrigan and I met through a mutual friend, Brian Wicks (from The Downbelows and a bunch of other bands. The Downbelows are really good you should check them out.) Patrick liked (some of) my songs and invited me to his house to record Greg’s House on his Tascam 16 track. You’d think I’d been invited to Dr. Dre’s house I was so excited. Pat played guitars, drums and a bunch of other weird stuff. Dave DeLeary came in somewhere around here and played Bass and started producing- which freed Patrick up to mix drinks. Speaking of which, Tara Williamson showed up one day with her boyfriend-at-the-time and sang on a few songs. What else…a lot of people told me that they really liked it. I wish we could get them all together for a show. Also, it took a long time because we made it while I was on breaks from theatre school. Me and Dave spent a lot of time over at Pat’s place. A little while later, Patrick’s wife Daisy invited us to go ahead and NOT make another record there.